Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My weekend accomlishment

Well I ended up finishing her this weekend , I just couldnt put her down I was so eager to see how she was going to look once , got her all dreesed up. I am really happy with her , she turned out to be a little sweety! I was thinking I may make her, Her own little dolly to hold. so I will working on that the next few day.

I made her a full body undergarment, a creme and black check underskirt and a pinefore pull over dress , So her chlothes can be changed to wear something different from time to time if disired. Her hair is stitched and needle felted into her head and i tied little homespun check bows to each side of her hair


Annie said...

She's amazing! I love everything about her!!!


Sharon Stevens said...

very good, Michelle!